We are Away Until We Hit The Dance Floor!

Save the Date! Move 'N Groove 2017 is set for Saturday, May 13, 2017!

Our Awesome Bands

Get ready for the 2017 Line-up!

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  • Johnny Utah and the Breaks

    Johnny Utah and the Breaks

    Move ‘N Groove welcomes newcomer Johnny Utah and the Breaks to the dance stage!

    How did this band come to be? Pretty simple, really. In summer of ’14, a guitarist, drummer & bass – all very lonely and good friends – were enjoying a few cocktails one fine afternoon when one of them said, “Man, I really miss the stage, the roar of the crowd, the hauling around our equipment for free.” To which the other two replied, “Yeah, me too. Hey, we should start playing together…jinx.” “Hey, I have a couple of new friends that just crush every karaoke party I have ever seen them at. We should ask them to sing with us,” said the guitarist.

    And so began Johnny Utah and the Breaks! The band plays songs they love, with a strong blues influence. Building community and supporting charity events are important to these musicians – “We are really looking forward to movin’ and groovin’ on May 13.”

  • Slip’d Disc

    Slip’d Disc

    We are thrilled to have Slip’d Disc join us again this year!

    Slip’d Disc was born in 2008, crawling and crying like a big baby. They have since grown and refined themselves into a fine band, with all of the experience, maturity, and grace of a 9 year old boy.

    This is Slip’d Disc’s sixth consecutive year at the Move ‘N Groove, and we are going to keep making them come back …until they get it right.

  • Free Ride – Harry ‘n the Armpits

    Free Ride – Harry ‘n the Armpits

    This show recreates the days of Brylcreem and 57 Chevys. Along with you is the girl of your dreams in your own hometown drive in. The music is covered by Harry ‘n’ The Armpits and their famous ‘50s & ‘60s Rock ‘n Roll revival. Harry takes the stage with a little help from “Bruiser“, the little brother of Bowser from “Sha­Na­ Na”, “Tommy P“, the world’s most “hip” dude and “Norm the Nerd“, dorky, nerdy & ready to rock n’ roll. This show will take you back to the days of twisting and the musical greats like Bill Haley, Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and Dion. This show also involves a lot of audience participation (especially the groovy chics) and an extremely HIGH level of comedy. You will truly enjoy these boys bringing back the good old days of clean cut, cool antics and boppy music of that era.



    Stay “tuned” for more band updates!