We are Away Until We Hit The Dance Floor!

Save the Date! Move 'N Groove 2018 is set for Saturday, October 13, 2018!


How do I participate?
Participating in the Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon is easy! Register your team or as an individual, download the pledge sheet, and start collecting pledges.. Check out our how-to guide below!
How much money do I have to raise?
The minimum pledge fee per team is $500. We ask each participant to set their own fundraising goal above the minimum. The more fundraising you do, the more chances for great prizes you and your team have! Even if you don’t raise the most, there are still random draws for prizes! 
How do I raise money?
Besides the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes, you will be helping support a great non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mobility challenged individuals of all ages. Here’s a strategy on how to raise $350 or more in just one week:

  • Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $20
  • Day 2: Ask four family members for $20 each
  • Day 3: Ask five friends for $20 each
  • Day 4: Ask five co-workers for $20 each
  • Day 5: Ask five neighbours for $10 each
  • Day 6: Ask your company for a $100 contribution or to match your donation

Asking friends and co-workers for even small donations of $1, $2, $5 will help get you closer to your fundraising goal. We do need full contact information in order to issue tax receipts.

Can I bring guests who are not registered team members?
If you are thinking of inviting guests who are not registered team members, please contact Barbro at barbrodick@mymts.net. Guest names need to be on the door entry list. This is in response to participant feedback about space and accessibility.

As in previous years, there will be a minimum $10 donation at the door for guests (children excluded) not registered on a team. Receipts will be issued for $20 or more upon request.

How many people should be on each team?
Somewhere around 16 people. Remember that people will join at the last second even though you plan ahead. To be fair to the other teams, the maximum people per team is 18. If you have more than 18 team members in mind, create two separate teams with two different captains! We’ll make sure you have tables next to each other at our event.
Where will our team congregate?
Because this is an all abilities event – it’s very important to ensure enough space for dancing, mobility equipment and ease of movement.

Each team will have one table and the number of chairs allotted to each team may be limited. This will be determined as registration unfolds. Each team will be assigned a table for the five hour duration. It’s yours to decorate. How about displaying a team banner!

Do I need to dance non-stop?
Only if you have amazing shoes! Your team will Move ‘N Groove (dance) for five hours. The goal is to have one team member wearing your team’s sash on the dance floor at all times. It’s like a relay. This way, everyone, no matter who they are and what their schedule is, can participate in this event.

For individual participants, we ask the same thing – just do your best. How often you hit the dance floor and show us your moves is between you and your conscience and/or your sponsors. If you are not having fun, you probably need to take a bit of a break!

Will there be alcohol served?
This is a family friendly event – alcohol will not be served and is not permitted at the event.

Can I purchase food at the site?
A limited number of University Vendors will be open on event day:

  • Starbucks – lower level University Centre next to the Bookstore
  • The Hub (TBC) – 3rd floor University Centre
  • Bring your own snacks! Teams are encouraged to bring “picnic baskets” of sandwiches, snacks and drinks from home. Please note: No outside purchased food/drink please (ie Subway, McDonald’s). This is not permitted by the University.
Is there any other way that I can take part/help?
Absolutely! As you can imagine, we need a tremendous amount of volunteers to help ensure this event is spectacular and runs smoothly. We need help in all areas. Please visit our Join Our Volunteer Team page to learn how you can join our Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon Volunteer Team.