We are Away Until We Hit The Dance Floor!

Save the Date! Move 'N Groove 2018 is set for Saturday, October 13, 2018!

Communications & Promotions

Winnipeg Free Press Community Profile

Read about Move ‘N Groove in the Winnipeg Free Press Community Profile! Featuring pictures and details from 2016, and information on how to register for this year!!

Community Profile MNG 2017

UM Today

A great article about the Beyond Abilities Move ‘N Groove team and the University of Manitoba talking about accessibility and inclusiveness for students with disabilities!


CTV Morning Live – April 11th, 2016

Move ‘N Groove & The Movement Centre of Manitoba

Exhale Dance Studio

Liz and Max Bannister

Check out the 2016 Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon PSA!

2015 Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon PSA

View our 2012 TV Public Service Announcement!
Special thanks to: Media 1 Productions & Midcan Production Services

View our 2011 Public Service Announcement!

March 6, 2012: Margy Nelson, Executive Director of The Movement Centre
speaks with QX104 FM about Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon 2012!
Click Here to Listen!

Additional Media Coverage

Tracy Koga of Shaw TV Interview