We are Away Until We Hit The Dance Floor!

Save the Date! Move 'N Groove 2018 is set for Saturday, October 13, 2018!

About Move ‘N Groove

Move ‘N Groove was developed 8 years ago so that people of all ages and abilities can celebrate the joy of movement – and raise funds to support of The Movement Centre of Manitoba.

Move ‘N Groove 2018 – a 5 hour dance relay for the whole family – is on October 13, 2018 at the University of Manitoba. See Location Information tab for directions and map.

Teams registered for Move ‘N Groove collect pledges in support of The Movement Centre of Manitoba – a Conductive Education Rehabilitation organization that assists children and adults with mobility challenges including cerebral palsy, head injury, stroke, MS and Parkinson’s Disease. Fundraising is essential for The Movement Centre to help keep costs affordable for clients and families. See About The Movement Centre tab or more information.

Event activities include:

  • 5 hour dance relay helping kids and adults with disabilities
  • DJ, dance music and videos
  • Kids’ Corner with face painting and activities for children
  • Silent Auction, dance contests, mascots, prizes and more for the whole family

Move ‘N Groove celebrates the joy of movement – from head bobs and toe taps to full body hip hop combinations! We all can dance!

Check out the FAQ page for answers to questions about the event.

Dance Relay Contest Rules:

Some teams participate in the optional dance relay part of the event. Here are rules for this contest to see which team can dance continuously for the entire 5 hours.

  1. Teams are provided with one sash that is shared among their dancers.
  2. One dancer from your team – wearing the sash bearing your team name – must be on the dance floor at all times between Noon and 5 pm. The sash is shared among team members as they trade off on the dance floor.
  3. The dancer wearing the sash must stay within the boundary outlined by tape.
  4. If the sash leaves the dance floor, your team will be disqualified.
  5. Sashes of disqualified teams will be collected by the Dance Police.
  6. The team(s) still dancing at 5 pm will declared the winner(s).

MNG Trophy