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Move ‘N Groove Dance – 2014

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  • Jason Petric

    Jason Petric

    Move ‘N Groove-a-Thon 2014 is excited to welcome to our live performance stage the talented and engaging Jason Petric! “When the going gets tough……just get tougher.” That’s the attitude that has helped Jason Petric achieve everything he has in his young career. In a short period of time, this 23 year-old singer songwriter from Winnipeg has developed a reputation as a solid musician and artist in the Manitoba music scene. His fresh sound and good looks are an asset, but it’s his die hard work ethic that has gained him traction.

    Jason released his self-titled debut EP in 2011. His single “You’re So Beautiful” accompanied by a video, gained the attention of radio stations in Manitoba and neighbouring provinces. This led to Jason working with award winning producer, manager, and songwriter Chris Burke-Gaffney.

    Thank you for taking time out of your rise to the top to join us at Move ‘N Groove, Jason!

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  • The Foster Martin Band

    The Foster Martin Band

    Performing on our live performance stage for the first time is The Foster Martin Band. This band was formed in 1985 by Lyle Foster & Ray Martin who co-wrote all the songs on all four CDs. FMB is based out of Oakbank MB, just east of Winnipeg and includes Sean Borton on lead guitar & vocals, Ray Grenier bass & vocals, Lyle Baldwin on lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin, acoustic & electric guitars, and Lyle Foster on drums. Besides their performance at MNG 2014, The Foster Martin Band will also be warming up the crowd at The Dauphin Countryfest! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us, boys!

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  • Free Ride as Harry ‘n’ The Armpits

    Free Ride as Harry ‘n’ The Armpits

    This show recreates the days of Brylcream and 57 Chevys. Along with you is the girl of your dreams in your own home town drive inn. The music is covered by Harry ‘n’ The Armpits and their famous 50’s & 60’s Rock n Roll revival. Harry takes the stage with a little help from the “Bruiser”, Bowser’s little brother from “Sha-Na-Na”, “Tommy P”, the world’s most “hip” dude and the “Norm the Nerd”, dorky and nerdy & ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

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    For their third straight Move ‘N Groove-a-thon appearance, back by popular demand, it’s SLIP’d DISC! When you take everyone’s favourite songs from rock, disco, country hip hop, and rock-n-roll, and mash them all together into a non-stop medley of madness, you’ve got yourself a SLIP’D DISC. Move ‘N Groove calls it a great way to keep your body moving to the groove!